TransparentPro (Transparent Project Management) is an international company, specializing in providing internet-based project management solutions to global reach vertical industries around the world.
Our clear vision has established us as a leading provider of project management solutions, and our presence is now increasing around the world. We specialize in multi-project management to meet the organizational requirements of both small and large, as well as local and global companies. Our core competencies are the development of Transparent™, our flagship project management software; project management consultancy; installation; software adaptation; and training.

Who are we?
TransparentPro firmly believes that the best investment an organization can make is in its personnel, and that qualified and motivated employees are the most important capital in any business. We have therefore brought together a strong team of professional, capable, and committed staff, who are managed by a team of experts, with both sound technical expertise and extensive business experience.

Who do we serve?
TransparentPro is providing project management solutions for many well-known companies around the world, from a wide range of industries, such as: global content management, construction, telecom, automotive, professional services, financial services, aerospace, manufacturing, and health care, and also to government departments.

What are our priorities?
The TransparentPro business priority is the effective use of information technology to meet client project management needs. We therefore work closely with our clients, in a spirit of partnership, to identify their needs and concerns. With ongoing dialog we aim to provide a high level of customer satisfaction.
The growth and stability of any organization is based on offering dependable quality services and being flexible enough to meet developing demands. TransparentPro’s long-term vision is therefore founded in this principle. We are continually expanding our knowledge and keeping up-to-date with all the latest developments in organizational and project management, and searching for new technology-based solutions to serve them.

What do we offer?
We provide industry-specific solutions that not only streamline the processes used in project management and successful completion, but they also improve project team and client communication and collaboration, integrate company-wide departments, and assist in the monitoring of company metrics. This is what gives our TransparentPro clients the competitive edge in the market.