In order to ensure that TransparentPro reaches, supports, and offers the best product it can to its global clients, it has developed three specialized cooperative partnerships. Current partners include leading technology and service industry specialists, who we believe share our priorities and goals, and will help us to maximize the project management solutions we offer to clients.
A TransparentPro partnership is a win-win situation for everyone, for us, our partners, and our clients. Are you interested in joining us and reaping the benefits of these exciting dynamic partnership enterprises?

TransparentPro Authorized Representatives
TransparentPro has authorized representatives throughout the world who are responsible for reselling our software. They participate in generating leads, customer referrals, local software sales, and promotions for our project management solutions. They may also offer localized training to clients.

TransparentPro Technology Partners
TransparentPro’s technology partners help us to offer our clients the best possible project management solutions. Some of our partner assist us by offering their industry solutions experience for overall software development and enhancement, others assist us in integrating our system with other complimentary systems and solutions, and yet others help us to develop the system for new markets and project types.

TransparentPro Service Partners
TransparentPro has an international network of authorized service partners, who have sound experience and internal resources. They have all been trained and certified by us to offer technical software support for Transparent™. They expand our customer support services, by offering localized support to our global clients.