Transparent™ Projects

Puts You Back in Control of Your Projects

This module is the main section of the database that is used by project managers to set up and manage a company’s projects, resources to record and monitor their work on assignments, and managers to oversee the work of their subordinates.

This is the module through which projects are established with clients, and the jobs necessary to complete projects and individual assignments can be defined, delegated, and monitored. It is also where employees complete their daily timesheets to show their work on assignments, and internal and external resources receive, accept, and report progress on their assignments.

Data Centralization
• Centralize all your project and resource data
• Access client and financial information
• Access information on resource availability, attributes, and evaluations
• Receive and save client instructions
• Predefined workflow established for each project type
• Customizable checklists set for each assignment type

Project Preparation Tools
• Choose the most capable available resources for each assignment type based on project attributes
• Effective resource utilization and quality evaluation
• Simplified purchase order preparation

Project Cycle Monitoring
• Create unified project schedules quickly and easily through automated workflow charting
• Automated messages sent at key project points
• Log all assignment activities
• Update resource timesheets and assignment progress easily
• Oversee multiple projects and monitor project flow and status
• Forecast and alert shortages to avoid delays
• Keep all team members up-to-date
• Maintain transparent communication between clients, project managers, and assignees

Project Reporting
• Automated update of workflow charts when progress reported by assignees
• Prepare real-time production reports and evaluations using industry-specific templates or create your own