Transparent™ Views

Personalized Company Reports

The Reports & Alerts module enables you to make personalized company reports, using a combination of any data contained within your Transparent™ system. For ease of use, the module is divided into sections that contain data relevant to different departments in the company or different system users.

Predefined reports can be created by the system on a scheduled or event basis, and notifications, or alerts, sent to the user creating the report or any other named users when a new report is available.

Comprehensive Reports
• Flexible reporting environment
• Check all your company-wide data from a single module based on user-privileges
• Analyze key business metrics
• Customized report scopes and criteria
• Import/export reports

Sales monitoring
• Identify business opportunities and view sales pipelines
• Detect neglected leads and revive sales
• Receive real time sales reports
• Identify market trends
• Compile real time production reports

Personalized alerts
• Event alerting based on system events
• Schedule your alerts and reports for specific dates, times, or periodically
• Choose how you want to be alerted
• Share your customized alerts and reports with selected parties