Transparent™ Resources

Resource Profiles at Your Fingertips

This module contains a record of all the human resources known to the company, both internal (employees) and external (vendors/freelance workers), as well as former and current.

As the resources contact details and profiles are created and maintained here, this is the module a project manager will access to check the availability of the most suitable resources to work on assignments.

The main users of this module of Transparent™ are likely to be the HR dept., project managers, and line managers.

Resource Data Management
• Profiles detail potential assignments and attributes, evaluations, and vendor fees
• Record of assignments and evaluation
• Resource leveling with customizable factors

Assignee Selection Facilitated
• Current resource availability and utilization monitored
• Best-fit recommendations based on project and resource attributes
• Quality control through customizable evaluation sheets
• Robust integration with Projects module for best resource selection

Real-time Monitoring
• Timesheet integrated with projects to update progress automatically
• Vendor fee payment details regulated