TransparentPro’s consultation service is offered to all clients, and potential clients, to ensure that their Transparent™ system will meet their organizational project-based needs.

All our consultants have both expert organizational and technical knowledge and skills and assist clients in their purchase, installation, and setting up of their Transparent™ project management system. Once you have purchased your system, they will spend quality time with you to completely customize your system according to your individual needs. They will collaborate with your internal team to provide your company with an end-to-end solution, ensuring that you will be to manage your Transparent™ system with complete confidence when they leave.

Some aspects our consultants will help you with are:
• Ensuring you have the right technology and the processes for your needs.
• Professional advice on the introduction and operation of Transparent™.
• Ensuring efficient use of the software.
• Adapting the system to suit your organizational and industrial processes.
• Assisting in the definition of your basic data, project structure, user roles, etc.
• Offering introductory training to your project team .