Your purchase of Transparent™ gives you full access to our after sales support team of technical advisors to make sure that you will always have the most efficient use of your new project management software. All members of the team have been trained and certified by us, to provide you with the comprehensive support you need to resolve any technical or operational issues.

Our support package gives Transparent™ clients unlimited technical support, 24/7, through our web-based, telephone, and messenger services. Our advisers are available to provide advice and information and support to resolve problems, but on-site support can also be offered for issues that cannot be resolved at a distance.

Clients are kept up-to-date of any new developments in the system and are offered preferential rates if they choose to opt for an upgrade. Clients will be able to perform most company-specific modifications after the initial set-up consultancy; however, if TransparentPro support is required, this can be arranged by agreement.